Rumor: New York Jets interested in signing Matt Schaub

credit to AP.

credit to AP.

Could the Geno Smith train have possible already left the station in New York? Are the Jets really looking to add another quarterback in hopes that he could help Smith along, or even compete with him?

While I’m not sure if the train has left the station on Smith, the Jets are currently looking to add a veteran quarterback in free agency, with names like Michael Vick being mentioned. But free agency might not be the only means to bring in a QB now that ESPN is reporting that the Jets may find a new QB via a trade.

Reports are suggesting that the Jets have looked into the availability of Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, who many expect to be either cut or traded during the offseason.

There is no question that last year Schaub was as bad as a Will Arnett sitcom, but it wasn’t that long ago that he was a Pro-Bowl caliber QB, 2012 to be exact. Schaub could return to that form with the help of QB Coach David Lee, who is big on fundamental football.

Only downside is Schaub’s price tag might end up being too rich for John Idzik’s taste, but if it isn’t he may very well be an interesting choice to help guide Smith and the Jets going forward.

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