Sanchez recovering from knee surgery

credit to Metro NY.

credit to Metro NY.

Submitted 6:00pm ET; Published 6:30pm ET

Manhattan New York —  During a long rehab and recovery like season for Mark Sanchez, sources told Jets Stream/ The Bronx Times on Saturday that the QB had an apparent knee surgery during the time he was recovering from his shoulder injury.

Source said that Sanchez underwent arthroscopic left knee surgery. However, the procedure was just a minor cleanup and required a very minuscule amount of rehab. Sanchez spoke with doctors right before the knee surgery to find out if there was anything else that required medical attention. Fortunately, there was nothing else besides the knee.

The procedure seemed to make since considering the fact that Mark was already out for the season with a torn librium in his shoulder that he encountered back in October.

Sanchez is expected to be released from the team before March where he is due a $2M roster bonus, but should be in healthfully straight if he plays next year.

Tony Carter

Lead NFL Writer and Reporter