Geno Smith involved in a confrontation at LAX terminal

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Geno shown talking to police during the incident. credit to

Jets QB Geno Smith was escorted off of a plane at LAX terminal according to reports from TMZ and

The incident happened around 2:30pm on Friday, where Geno Smith was constantly told by the flight attendant to remove his headphones and to get off of his cellphone when he boarded on the Virgin America flight. Source close to the scene said that Smith didn’t comply to the directions that the flight attendant was issuing to him. As a result, the flight attendant pulled Geno’s headphones off that caused a rant from the young QB. Geno Smith was headed to Fort Lauderdale in Florida

Reports came later on from a source that Geno left the plane under his own power and a reporter from TMZ was asking Geno several questions regarding the situation.

“Don’t believe that stuff man.” Geno said.

When asked on why does he think he got kicked off of the plane, Geno responded in an negative way.

“I don’t know, it’s because I’m black.” Geno said.

A Jets spokesperson released a statement yesterday following the incident.

“We are aware of the situation.” Spokesperson said. “We’re researching the facts so as of right now we have no comment.”

Virgin American Airlines stated that they were not going to reschedule Geno Smith’s plane ride as well.

Tony Carter

Lead NFL Writer and Reporter