Winslow charged with possession of synthetic marijuana

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                          TE Kellen Winslow has been found with possession of synthetic marijuana on November 19th 2013 and charged on December 30th 2013 per reports from the Morristown Daily Record.

East Hanover police found Winslow in NJ with possession of a dangerous drug substance called Fubinaca that could result in prison time according to the Record.

The Morristown Daily Record mentioned that Winslow could receive up to five years in prison for a third degree offense. The incident happened two days after he returned to the field against Buffalo in week eleven. Winslow appeared in court on Wednesday and the team spoke person talked about the situation briefly to reporters

“We are aware of the situation, this is a pending legal matter and we will have no comment to the situation at the time.” (NYDN)

Earlier in the season, Winslow was suspended for four games due to the violation of the NFL’s policy on PED.  Both are two different incidents.

After the suspension Winslow said the cause of the failure of the test could’ve been the allergy medications that he apparently took.

“I think the allergy medications were the reason the test failed.” Winslow said. “I don’t want to take illegal stuff. That’s not what I do.”

This is Winslow’s first season as a Jet and had a total of 388 yards and two touchdowns. Winslow signed a one-year deal during minicamp so his chance of coming back to the team is down the drain.

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