Milliner shuts down one of the NFL’s top receivers, Josh Gordon

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CB Dee Milliner went up against one of the best  WRs in the NFL, Josh Gordon which put a shock on so many faces.

Coming into the game, Gordon had 1,467 yards and was expected to be guarded by Antonio Cromartie but instead Dee covered him almost the entire game.

“I just wanted to come out here, get better and work my technique.” Milliner said. “Coach told me earlier this week that I was going to be guarding him so I knew I had to come out here and play my best.” Milliner went on. “I know Josh is a great receiver.”

Dee Milliner only allowed 97 yards off of six catches from Josh Gordon which is very unexpected from a corner who has struggled throughout the season and got benched three times by Rex Ryan. Not to mention, Milliner disrupted two TD passes that were initially thrown to Gordon.

Milliner also picked up his first INT in the NFL that made him feel great about his play.

“It felt great.” Milliner said. “They ran an inside route, I seen the QB eyes and I just broke on it.” Milliner said. “Just being where I was supposed to be at, everybody did there job and I did mines and got an interception.”

After the game, Rex Ryan was impressed with the young CB.

“I said at the end of the year that we’ll see if he’s the best corner in the draft.” Rex said. “This guy right here is going to be an outstanding player, there’s no question.

Milliner has definitely earned Rex Ryan and DC Dennis Thurman’s trust after his arguably best performance all season long.

Tony Carter

Lead NFL Writer and Reporter