Santonio Holmes would be willing to take another pay cut

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Jets WR Santonio Holmes met with reporters after Wednesday’s practice and said that he’ll take another pay cut just to remain on the team.

“Anything for the team.” Holmes said.

In 2011, Santonio Holmes signed a five-year $45M deal. With $11M guaranteed. Holmes took a $3.5 paycut from his salary last offseason, leaving him currently with $7.5M guaranteed.

The Jets may not even resign Holmes after this season since he’s been injury prone for two straight years, dealing with a foot and a hamstring injury. However, Santonio doesn’t agree that the injuries may be held against him.

“I wouldn’t agree with taking a pay cut, because you can’t do nothing about injuries and the way they occur.” Holmes said. “I have been injured in my career but sacrifices must be made.”

According to and NY Daily news, If the Jets cut him they would free up approximately $8.25M in cap space.

Tony Carter

Lead NFL Writer and Reporter