Nick Mangold on missing playoffs, “It’s disappointing.”

Credit to NY post.

Credit to NY post.

Jets veteran C Nick Mangold spoke to reporters to discuss their brutal loss to the Panthers.

“It’s pretty easy to see what happened there, we didn’t play very good football.” Mangold said.

Mangold did in fact credit the run game.

“Chris (Ivory) and BP (Bilal Powell) did a great job for us back there.” Mangold said. “They ran hard and found the lanes.” Mangold went on. “So that’s good that we can hopefully build off of that and get some continued success with that.”

To keep their playoff hopes alive the Jets needed to beat the Panthers, but they loss. In addition to that, they were mathematically eliminated Monday night from playoff contention when Ravens’ K Justin Tucker kicked a game winning 61yd FG to beat the Detroit Lions.

Nick Mangold was asked on how does he feel with the team missing the playoffs once again.

“It’s disappointing.” Mangold said. “You see the work that’s put in and you see the guys who care, who come in and work hard.” Nick went on. “There are guys who give what they have so hopefully we can kind of change that this sunday.”

Mangold also kept hopes high for the Jets.

“Luckily for us, there’s a guaranteed two more chances to right that ship.” Mangold said. “We have two more chances to play better football, put a better product on the field and get some wins.”

Tony Carter

Lead NFL Writer and Reporter