Santonio Holmes calls out Panthers’ secondary

Santonio+Holmes+Carolina+Panthers+v+New+York+R8IBG91OzLdl New York Jets WR Santonio Holmes was asked a question on the Panthers’ secondary after practice on Thursday.

“Not to call anyone out but their secondary is their weakest link.” Holmes told reporters.

Even though Holmes may be right on their secondary since the Panthers allow the fifth most passing yards in the NFL, it’s still going to be tough for him to accumulate passes with the Panthers’ 5th ranked pass and 1st ranked rushing defense. Most likely, pressuring Geno Smith all game.

“I can’t expect a big passing game.” Holmes mentioned. “I do expect it every game but I don’t think this game is any different.”

Holmes did in fact credit the Panthers’ vicious front line.

“We know how physical their front seven is.” Holmes said. “They’re guys who go after the ball. They hustle on and off the field, from sideline to sideline.” Holmes also said that the Panthers have really good pass rushers.

Lets not forget, Holmes only has a total of 381 yards this season and one touchdown which is going to make it tough for him to back up his talks.

Tony Carter

Lead NFL Writer and Reporter