Antonio Cromartie has a head injury. Rex further explains.

hi-res-454319337-antonio-cromartie-of-the-new-york-jets-looks-on-during_crop_exact New York Jets CB Antonio Cromartie suffered a head injury in Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

After the game Rex told us that Cromartie kept having multiple headaches which may have been the reason on why Cromartie refused to talk to reporters after Rex’s conference.

At today’s press conference, Rex told the media that Cromartie underwent concussion protocols and that he currently has a concussion.

“Honestly, I don’t know how he got the concussion.” Rex said. “He certainly wasn’t focused out there. He felt better today so I think that’s a positive thing.”

It is currently unknown on how long Cromartie is going to be out but now health is starting to become an issue with him battling his hip and now with his concussion.

Tony Carter

NFL lead writer and reporter