Geno struggles in loss to the Ravens. Will Rex move in a new direction?

081713-NFL-New-York-Jets-Geno-Smith-TV-laces_20130817174852336_600_400 Jets rookie QB Geno Smith had a rough game against the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. Even though he was projected to have a good week.

Last week against the Bills, Smith went 8 for 23, no TDs and three interceptions.

Geno in this game practically repeated his performance last week. He went an embarrassing 9 for 22, 122 yards, no TD and two costly interceptions.

This season, Smith has been having up and down weeks. Coming into this game, Geno was 4-0 after a loss (recent loss to buffalo). Geno has 8TDs on this season with 18 INTs and leads the NFL in turnovers with 21.

At the post game press conference, Rex again was asked if he will start Matt Simms or consider David Garrard in replacing a struggling Geno Smith. Rex responded, (Geno) “He’s had better days, I will have to look at the film again.”

This is kind of odd for Rex Ryan because last week Rex said that Geno will be the starter without doubt.

Rex also said that Matt Simms will likely get first team reps in practice. As of right now, Geno’s future in remaining the starter is up for grabs but will probably remain the starter.

Tony Carter

Lead NFL writer and reporter

NY Jets Live chat after the game. via Scribble Live.

  • When will Jeremy Kerley be back?
    by Jose Williams 7:08 PM yesterday
  • It’s uncertain right now. He’s been having problems with his elbow and was wearing a red non contact jersey all week in practice
    by Anthony Carter 7:09 PM yesterday
  • Will Rex bench Geno?
    by Damon Persons 7:15 PM yesterday
  • Thats the million dollar question. Rex after the game said that he’ll look at the film and Rex will most likely give Matt Simms more first team reps
    by Anthony Carter 7:16 PM yesterday
  • What’s the word on Chris Ivory?
    by Leonard Johnson 7:18 PM yesterday
  • Ivory told us that it is a high and a low ankle sprain and that he’ll receive an MRI.
    by Anthony Carter 7:19 PM yesterday
  • Do you think Geno will bounce back next week?
    by Ken 7:24 PM yesterday
  • I think so if he plays. He has been up and down but these last two weeks he’s been down. Also he is going up against a 19th ranked Dolphins passing defense. Not to mention, he needs resources around him
    by Anthony Carter 7:25 PM yesterday