Rex Ryan is excited to reunite with Ed Reed

BZDAe2gIIAA1xKq Former Texans S Ed Reed reports to practice today with a signed contract from the Jets.

At today’s press conference, Rex seemed excited that he is now reunited with his player that he coached when Rex was the DC of the Baltimore Ravens.

“When I heard he was released, I immediately went upstairs to Idzik but Idzik had already beat me to it. Rex said.” “We believe it was a great signing for us.” “He’s going to help this team without doubt.”

Rex believes that Reed will provide an impact on not only their secondary but the entire defense because of their troubles on the deep ball.

“He’s got phenominal instincts, and he’s got phenominal awareness.” Rex said. “He has great coverage skills and we have trouble stopping the deep ball, there’s different fits for different people, I think Ed can fit into this position.”

There has been tons of gossip that Ed Reed is not who he used to be and basically cannot play anymore. However, Rex Ryan thinks otherwise.

“We saw and everyone saw that he can move.” Rex Ryan stated. “I know what to expect and he knows what to expect, I think this transition is going to be smooth for him.” “I think it is a false statement that he can’t play.What I saw on tape was a guy who can make adjustments and make coverages.” Rex said. “Ed is just here to be himself, he doesn’t need to be the coach. He’s a guy that can make adjustments quickly.” ” Adding a player that can help you, is someone we want.” Rex on Ed Reed.

Conversely, Ed Reed believes that he himself will not change who he is as a player.

“I don’t plan on rocking no boats. I don’t plan on being different than who I am.” Ed said. “I know what I know & I know what I feel.I’m ready  to go.You’ll see.You’ll be the judge of that”

The contract details have yet to be announced by the Jets but I’m told that it will be a one or two year deal for Ed Reed.

Tony Carter

Lead NFL writer and Reporter

Photo creds to Seth Walder of the NYDN.