5 takeaways from the Jets’ embarrassing loss against the Bengals

The Jets loss horrifically to the Bengals, 9-49. Here is what I observed from this game.


1. The run game was not in attendance:                                           The Jets’ rushed for a total of 93 yards and like I said on my recent post, the run game needs to be consistent and I mentioned that it has never been consistent for at least two weeks.

2. Andy Dalton broke a record against Rex Ryan’s defense:     Andy Dalton threw 5TD’s and that has not happened to the Jets since Dan Marino in 1988. The Jets were ranked 4th in the league in pass defense and now they are ranked 14th.

3. Geno had a rough game:                                                                    Geno went 20/30 with 159 yards and 2INTs. The Jets eventually brought in Matt Simms who didn’t do all that great either.

4. Where was Dee Milliner?:                                                                    Dee Milliner was initially set to cover Marvin Jones and didn’t really work out. Marvin Jones scored 1TD on Dee Milliner.

5. Jets stepped up their run defense:                                                The Jets only allowed 79 yards which was key to hold the Bengals under 100 yards. Because of that performance, the Jets are now 1st in the league in rush defense.

New York Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan is set to have his press conference today and it should be interesting to see how he responds to that game on Sunday. The Jets play the New Orleans Saints next week.

Tony Carter

Twitter: @tonycarternfl