Rex Ryan focusing on what the team needs to do to improve #nyj #Jets

ImageIn today’s press conference, Jets head coach Rex Ryan told reporters how the team needs to improve and the tools they need to use in order to beat Brady and Belichick on Sunday.

Rex Ryan mentioned that the team needs to improve in areas, some in which that are very unlikely for the Jets. “We need improvement in eliminating penalties and key mistakes. Rex said. “We’re a team that needs to do a lot of improvement in order to be elite in the league. We’re are not elite just yet but we’re on the road to being there.”

Rex himself says that he knows ways that he can prepare for Brady. When the Jets played the Patriots in week two, Brady showed his signs of emotion by throwing his helmet down, and getting upset at his players despite the Patriots win. “You don’t want to go in with the same plan because you know what Brady brings Rex Said.” “You have to challenge him mentally.”

Not to mention, Rex also gave his props to the Patriots specifically Bill Belichick.  “Although, I don’t like him, you still have to respect him. His team is 5-1 and he has the capability to win the division every year and he’s definitely shown that.”

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