Rex Ryan Prepping for his upcoming match against New England

Rex Ryan Prepping for his upcoming match VS New England– Credit to

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan says the team is ready to face the Patriots and expects to move forward from last week’s game against the Steelers.

On Monday’s press conference, head coach Rex Ryan says that the main focus is to move forward from their loss against the Steelers, which leads us into the game against the Patriots.

Rex is obviously disappointed that he has lost to Belichick the last 5 meetings and is pumped that they get a second go at it against this 5-1 Patriots team after loosing to them in week two.

“The Patriots will challenge a team better than any team in the league. Rex said.” “We’ve been so close to beating the Patriots over the past couple of years but that doesn’t matter.” “Heck yeah you want to see them lose. Ryan told reporters. You want every team in your division to lose, particularly the Patriots.”

Ryan was asked if he contacted his brother who is the defensive coordinator for the Saints, on the different types of defensive schemes. “No I haven’t talked to him but I don’t think I need to, I know the Patriots but will I talk to him about it? Most definitely.”

Rex also mentioned that he’s upset with the way the team is giving up turnovers, and it will be interesting to see the way Geno plays after his horrific two late game interceptions against the Patriots in Week 3.

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